Our hand beaten singing bowls are hand selected in Nepal by our friend, Binod.  He sends only the finest sounding bowls our way, and each bowl is chosen to ensure it has a great resonance and a rich sound.

These singing bowls are all handmade by craftsmen with many years of experience.  They use their experience to judge the weights of the bowls they make without the use of any modern equipment.  Each bowl has a unique character: the density, width and finish differs between each bowl so you are assured the bowl you receive will be like no other in the world.  For this reason, the weights are never exactly as listed, however they will always be within +/- 5% of the weight ordered.

These bowls are made using traditional methods.  They contain a mix of the seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, iron, tin, lead, copper which have been used for centuries when making singing bowls.  They are hand beaten into shape by a team of craftsmen before being refired and moulded into their finished form.

Each of these singing bowls comes with a striker and a round deep fill cushion.

If you are looking for a singing bowl that plays in a particular key, then please contact us and we will try and locate one.

Singing Bowl Handmade by Nepalese Craftsmen

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