Prayer Flags

We get these gorgeous prayer flags from our friend in Nepal, Binod (left).  We have been working together for over 10 years, and he sends us the most fantastic items from Kathmandu where he runs his family business. 

Tibetan prayer flags are a tradition from Tibetan Buddhism, and can often be seen strung along mountains in the Himalayas.  They are thousands of years old, and they have a fascinating story.  Their five colours represent the elements of the world: earth, water, fire, sky and space and, air and wind.  It is believed that when the wind blows on the prayer flags the breeze carries their goodwill and humanity across the land.  Then, after the years have passed and the flags have faded, these gestures become a permanent part of the universe. 

Our prayer flags are made from cotton and are of the same excellent quality as everything we get from Binod.  They're available in various sizes and in a variety of different designs.  These are authentic prayer flags that have been made by a group of practising Buddhists in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Why choose our prayer flags?

  • Excellent reputation.  We have been trading since 2005 and are renowned for sending only the finest quality cultural gifts.
  • Fair trade.  By dealing directly with our suppliers we always offer a fair price for their goods.  We pride ourselves on having 'heart' and treating those that make the items with the respect they deserve.
  • Customer service.  Whatever the question we're only too happy to help.  We don't just work hard for you before your purchase, we also provide fantastic after-sales support.
  • Next day delivery.  Left your purchase to the last minute?  We can ship your items to you so they will be with you next working day.

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