Cultural Gifts from around the world; direct to your door.

Join over 4200 World Wonders customers, and discover the joy of giving truly unique gifts.

Who are World Wonders?                 

Importing amazing cultural gifts since 2005.  We import only the finest gifts from all corners of the world: from the mountains of Nepal, and the depths of Africa, to the far-flung corners of China, and everywhere in between, we select only the finest cultural items for you.  We're on first name terms with many of our suppliers so you're not just investing in a gift: you're investing in the people too.

What makes us different?
Our cultural gifts offer fantastic quality at affordable prices.  We treat our suppliers as friends, so there's mutual respect with regards to our communications.  They send us only the finest quality gifts, and we pay them a fair price for them.  We keep the price of our gifts at very affordable prices by keeping our trading confined to our shared warehouse.   This ensures we keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to you.  

Why choose us?
You're in good hands with World Wonders!  We have thousands of satisfied customers over the years, so you can be assured your cultural gift will be of the finest quality available in the UK.  The service doesn't end once you receive your order either.  We provide excellent after-sales support, and will provide assistance  whatever the query.  And, what if you change your mind?  You can simply send your unused item back to us within 14 days and we'll refund you with no questions asked.  

Who are our customers?
Simply, customers who like gifts that have unique character.  In contrast to the mass produced items that are easily available, these cultural gifts have had the benefit of being crafted by local people who have perfected their crafts over generations.  Our gifts prove especially popular with those who like to travel and visit different cultures around the world.

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